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Wellness is a term that relates to your overall health. Achieving wellness means that your body is physically in good health, as well as referring to your mental health too. Wellness is about being in touch with your body and making conscious decisions in order to achieve a healthy life. With our busy lives and constant exposure to toxins, achieving wellness is something that a lot of us struggle with, however it is crucial in order to live a high quality of life and is something that should take the utmost importance- our health is everything.
With Ayurveda, there is no ‘one treatment for all’. Ayurveda uses natural techniques and remedies to treat health conditions and examines each patient in their entirety. Good wellness means different things to all of us and therefore each and every ayurvedic treatment plan will be different. Having said that, there are some Ayurvedic practises that can always be taken in order to restore overall health and improve quality of life.
Abhyanga is a whole body oil massage that is one of the most popular ayurvedic treatments in order to help achieve overall wellness. Daily Abhyanga practice is proven to help restore the balance of the three doshas in the body, helping to provide relief to diseases such as fatigue, backaches and anxiety as well as helping sleep and even improving complexion, all of which contribute to helping achieve overall wellness in the body.
Yoga places a crucial role in Ayurveda practices and can be really beneficial in helping to achieve wellness due to its proven benefits, both for the body and mind.