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CHAITHANYA Postdelivery Clinic

In the earlier days, experienced soothika practitioners used to give soothika paricharanam for the newborn baby and mother at home. The word soothika refers to a woman, who has just given birth to a baby. Soothika Paricharanam is a post delivery rehabilitation program for new mothers . Post delivery care would be provided for mother and child. Therapies are designed to help the body rebuild health, restore physical strength and beauty after pregnancy.
Post delivery care includes treatments to address the common issues faced by new mothers like hair loss, skin problems, post pregnancy depression, weight gain etc. This is effective any time from the 7th day (normal delivery) or the 15th day (Caesarean) after child bearth. This is a six month long programme and treatment is administered by trained Soothika Practitioners to assure that the nursing mother is healthy both mentally and physically. Soothika therapies assure the welfare of both mother and the child.